About Us

We believe that a woman connected to her feminine beauty ignites the power within and the power of people around her. 

Just like fire, when a woman is ignited she is life-force, illuminating, dynamic and warm. She creates an energizing ripple effect anywhere she goes.    

As a company, Bkcessories exists to create and market products that  ignite women's power and bring sexy back (literally and figuratively!) Our design focus is showing off women's backs because it is a sexy body part that women regardless of age, size, height, race can highlight.

Bkcessories founder Leah Milan's first venture in fashion was an online boutique called Bkenvy which showcased low and open back tops and dresses.  While it was a novel idea because there was no fashion brand focused on backless clothing,  she soon realized that her clients always had a concern about what bra to wear with the outfits.  Not everyone can go bra-less and whatever backless bra products were available in the market were not comfortable to wear.  A fabulous bra design idea that looks like an accessory was invented so women can show off their sexy back in comfort and style. This gave birth to the Bkcessories brand (pronounced as bak-ses-uh-rees).

It is a trademarked lifestyle brand with a product line up of uniquely designed bras, fabulous tops and dresses, and body jewelry (coming soon) focused on showing women's sexy backs!