Can you be Sexy At Any Age?

We are not writing from an expert point of view. We are writing based on a combination of observation, experience, and some research.  And we are putting out encouraging messages here to empower women, ignite the power of their beautiful feminine.

Let's talk Sexy.

The word sexy is HOT. Everybody has a thought and opinion about it. Just pause for a minute.  You'll either have good or not so good thoughts about it.  One thing for sure, you have an image associated to the word sexy.  Media is responsible for creating this imagery. You know that, right?

At Bkcessories, we believe sexy is not a look it's a feeling.  We exist to empower women experience being sexy by creating products that connect them to their natural feminine beauty.

Being sexy is available to everyone.  It can be experienced by all regardless of age, height, shape, status, culture, and any background.  There are many who grew up in a culture dictating what's appropriate or not when it comes to being, feeling, and looking sexy. We invite you to toss any limiting belief out the window and just be sexy. 

Being sexy is your choice to experience.  

Age is challenging to a lot of women when it comes to being sexy.  It can be hard as you get older and to suddenly realize you are not quite as hot as you once were. This is again influenced by all the imagery media portrayed as sexy. But guess what, keep in mind the many benefits to getting older. The main one is that you finally feel the confidence in yourself and your body that you never felt before. 

And like we mentioned earlier, this being-ness of sexy is a choice you make.  

Borrowing from a published interview with Psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Berman, the host of the "Love and Sex Show with Dr. Jenn" when she was asked about how significant life stages and going through different personal developments to feeling sexy.

Her response: "They're so important. Those life experiences tend to make us more sexy. You know, one thing that's important to keep in mind if you don't start out feeling confident and sexy, fake it until you make it. The behaviors - behaving as if you feel sexy and behaving as if you feel confident - leads women to feel confident."


You want to learn more about sexy from a man's point of view?  Check this out. 

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